DAY 1:

i. Introduction to Robotics
ii. Fundamentals of Robotics
iii. Application of robotics

DAY 2:

i. Introduction to Embedded system
ii. Familiarity with Embedded boards
iii. Brief of Microcontrollers

DAY 3:

i. Introduction to Mobile robots
ii. Hands on design and Modelling
iii. Building Modelled robot chassis

DAY 4:

i. Basic electronic and their applications
ii. Circuit Designing on Bread board
iii. Building circuit on the Breadboard
iv. Development of Manual Robot

DAY 5:

i. Development of Light Follower Robot
ii. Real time Analysis of the developed robot

DAY 6:

i. Development of Heat follower robot
ii. Real time analysis of the heat follower robot

DAY 7:

i. Development of Fire avoidance robot
ii. Real time analysis of the fire avoidance robot

DAY 8:

i. Building a manual robot using DPDT switches
ii. Introduction to Keil
iii. Brief about programming environment
iv. Assembly language programming

DAY 9:

i. Programming for obstacle avoidance in Keil
ii. Creating Hex File
iii. Burning Hex file into Microcontroller

DAY 10:

i. Building an Autonomous line follower robot
ii. Real Time working of Line follower

DAY 11:

i. Developing an Edge following Robot
ii. Real time testing and working of Edge follower

DAY 12:

i. Introduction to Dual Sensor Model
ii. Developing code for Dual Sensor Model
iii. Real-time working of the Dual Sensor Robot
*Note:- The syllabus is not a final one and can change according to the number of successful
experiments and hands on sessions completed.

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